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dog master,dog maitre,

Mr Eric tramson is a behaviorist canine educator, with a state diploma and over 15 years of experience for the private individuels, but also for the professionals who owns a dog.

He will deplace everywhere in your structure with only one goal, to satisfied you, and help you answer all of your questions about your dogs disorder of behavior.

This canine educateur will help you better understand the behavior and the relations ship with your dog with his soft methods (game,love...) respecting your animal, you will see a rapide progression in the training of your dog.

You can watch all of mr tramson's videos of dog training free on his internet site specilijing for dogs owners to judge his strong competence, and the power of dissuasion with the dogs.

He is an educateur and trainer well known, and is also consultant for the French media (see the French newspapers and tv)
Feel free to call mr TRAMSON, it will be a pleasure for him to answer and bring a solution for your needs.
A professional advise on behavior problems for your dog or puppy.

An answer to all training and educating questions.
To answer the difficulties of training your canine.

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